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Our Committees

Stewardship organizes our annual budget and presents to the congregation an explanation of where our money comes from and where it goes.  Current members include: Pam Schroeder (Moderator), Suzanne Bell, Patty Earnest, Mike Mentz, Mary Scheuerman, Audrey Peterson


Worship plans the specifics of our worship services.  Current members include: Pam Schroeder (Moderator), Mary Ellen Keller (Secretary), Lori Brooks, Jeannine Albers, Carol Lee Saffioti-Hughes, and Kim Patrick


Christian Education works with Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, Awesome Christian Youth, and adult education. Current members include:  Pam Schroeder (Moderator), Patty Earnest

Mission/Evangelism is responsible for representing the parish in activites related to helping people both in the world and in our community and reaching out to others with God's message of love and forgiveness in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ. Current members include: Suzanne Bell (Moderator), Karen Prueter (Secretary), Patty Earnest, Audrey Petersen, JoAnn Gipp, Shirley Rohe, Linda Mentz, and Linda Kortbein

Communications oversees the creation of newsletters, church directories, the website and other means of communicating between members and the community; also includes newspaper articles about our parish. Current members include: Lori Brooks (Moderator) Krystal Statezny (Secretary), Pam Schroeder, Kelci Godin

Buildings and Grounds takes care of maintenance on the manse (where the Pastors live) and other maintenance projects that are the responsibility of the entire parish as opposed to individual churches. (Sometimes there is overlap because the church office is located in the Wabeno church and it is a parish office.) Current members include: Wabeno - Louie Spaude; Laona - Mike Mentz and Larry Statezny; Lakewood - Curt Gipp, Elmer Earnest, Shirley Rohe, Don Prueter, and Gregg Patrick


Personnel reviews and makes recommendations for the employees of the church. Current members include: Mary Scheuerman (Moderator), Nancy Rehbein, Diane Spaude, and Kim Patrick

Flea-Zaar oversees the planning and execution of the annual two-day-long flea market/bazaar that is a primary fundraising activity of the parish.


All of these committees are re-formed after the annual meeting, but you can join a committee at any time during the year by calling the church office and letting our administrative assistant know what your preference is. This is a wonderful way to get "plugged in" to your church and get acquainted with other members.

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